What Keeps you up at night?

Business Leaders can sleep easier knowing that their organization’s issues are being addressed with the most effective toolset.  The Cii helps business leaders focus their PI efforts using a simple assessment tool called the “5 Rights.”  They are:

  • The Right Tools (being used on…)

  • The Right Issues (at)

  • The Right Time (by)

  • The Right People (for)

  • The Right Reasons

What is Six Sigma?

For more than 25 years, the process improvement methodology, Six Sigma, has stood at the pinnacle of the Fortune 100 world.  Following the DMAIC  (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) method,”  it is a data driven approach that can be applied to any aspect of business. In many organizations, it is a measure of quality used to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and increase profits. Six Sigma has saved organizations billions of dollars and remains as the improvement method that many companies continue to depend upon to address customer issues.  


Recognizing the weaknesses of 20th Century PI methodologies, the founder created DMADD - Define-Measure-Analyze-Develop-Deliver –a unique PI discipline designed to address  21st Century challenges.  It is a solution-based method that delivers quicker return on investment (ROI) with lower risk and proven results.  In Phillip Reinke's book, DMADD - The New Brass Ring-Process Improvement for the 21st Century, the founder discusses the benefits of DMADD over traditional PI methodologies and why DMADD in today’s corporate and business climate is better than traditional process improvement methodologies.

Why is Process Improvement Important?

For Individuals:

  • Career advancement
  • Personal growth
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased level of job performance
  • Improved marketability

For Corporations:

  • Growth and advancement
  • Create an improvement system with proven tools
  • Improve your most important asset; your employees
  • Achieve organizational excellence in business process improvement
  • Excellent ROI – 10 to one or greater