We create value via proven training and certification programs customized to meet the needs of academic and corporate organizations


Our passion and vision is to make meaningful and significant positive differences in the lives of individuals and the performance of organizations.

Our efforts focus on more competitive, nimble and flexible organizations that can compete in today's marketplace.  This starts with our efforts in certification of high school and college students. With our certifications, students begin their entry into the workforce or continued education with a resume that is more than a list of academic achievements, but one of real successes in process improvement and the certifications... one of the skill sets in highest demand.

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Our training and certifications in the academic sector give students the mind-set, tool-set and behavior-set that allows them to thrive in the corporate world.


Business Leaders can sleep easier knowing that their organization’s issues are being addressed with the most effective toolset used by companies that are thriving and surviving to this day.