Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Overview

A continuation building upon the concepts learned in the White Belt and Yellow Belt courses. The Six Sigma Green Belt is the backbone of successful organizations. The focus of this course is upon “data-driven” process improvement, analytics and management. The students will learn how to use descriptive statistics in combination with Cause/Effect analysis in the identification of errors/defect root causes and the subsequent control and elimination.


Although previously thought to only be applicable to manufacturing processes, this Six Sigma Green Belt course is equally applicable to service, transactional, financial and healthcare organizations; in fact any organization that serves a customer.


The main objective of this certification is to:

  1. Form and facilitate Six Sigma teams and manage basic Six Sigma projects; scoped within a department.

  2. Learn to work on improvement projects as a part of and in addition to their regular duties by assisting Black Belts in data collection, data analysis and process mapping.

  3. Implement Six Sigma tools, techniques and practices in addition to leading focused projects to achieve cost reduction and quality improvement while extending the “reach” of Black Belts.

Read about what it takes for the students to get certified and what the exam entails.