White Belt Certification Overview

Begin your process improvement journey as a student by earning a White Belt. This course introduces the basic elements of Six Sigma process improvement and the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology and the 8 core tools utilized in nearly every improvement project.


Course lectures and assignments focus on project identification and clarification, customer orientation, data capture and analysis, solution development and continuity, reducing waste, defects, and increasing customer satisfaction. Students can directly apply the tools and principles to a personal project and apply to personal development of study skills. This class is designed to open the students’ mind up to a new way of thinking and to apply skills learned in Math and science to carry on to college or the business world.

certification objective

To provide students eight core process improvement tools that can be utilized for personal growth, the educational arena, and real-world business settings.

  1. Augment organizational continuous improvement efforts through the utilization of the basic DMAIC tool set on specific organizational issues within their job.

  2. Implement most common tools, techniques and practices to achieve cost reduction operational efficiencies and quality/effectiveness.

Once students obtain the White Belt Certification, they have the opportunity to move on to the Yellow Belt Certification