Delivering students with a set of industry recognized and valued certifications

Six Sigma and Lean certifications are unlike other certifications because they are broadly applicable across many, if not all, industries and enhance the performance of any position or role. (View “Industry Common Solutions”)

The Cii certification program is “end to end” certification, providing more than a certification test and a study guide offered by many certifying entities. The Cii White Belt, Yellow Belt and Green Belt certification materials and curriculum has been developed by certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts with 30 years plus experience, with Florida/Broward County Public School oversight and assistance. The complete program is Canvas ready and includes all lesson plans (overall and daily), all corresponding lectures with presenter notes, activity sheets, rubrics, quizzes and final exams meeting state and local requirements. (View the Program Resources)

The Cii provides the schools’ instructors with professional development days through the course of the year along with continuous oversight of instructor led classwork and projects to prepare student for the certification exam which is proctored by certified professionals. Certifications are endorsed by the South Florida Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA).

The Cii assists in the creation of an environment in which schools provide training and certification to their students as a differentiator in the employment marketplace, to the public, and to private businesses and organizations that couldn’t afford to internalize this type of training, with little or no effort on their part except for the marketing and facilities support.

We are working to evolve this into “more and better” such as the addition of the Cii exclusive White Belt and DMADD training (which no other organization can offer) along with market/topic specific seminars that we can develop to meet local needs.

Certification Benefits

  • More than a process improvement certification, it provides the student with discipline, prioritization and focus that they can apply to their personal, educational and professional lives.

  • An enhancement of problem-solving skills, giving students a competitive advantage in the employment arena by having the continuous improvement mindset, toolset, behavior set.

  • Provides the students with a broader perspective of how a business operates and how to be successful personally or in a collegiate setting.

  • Gives them experience leading to a resume that will get them noticed


More than a process improvement certification, it provides the student with discipline, prioritization and focus they can apply to their personal and professional lives. The student is taught the critical nature of importance of clearly defining the real issue from the perspective of those affected, and the expectations related to change. From that point they focus on capturing relevant data, solution identification and selection and finally making the change last.


Not unlike Karate, a follow-on to White Belt, equipping the student to attack the problems related to inefficiencies and waste. They learn to apply the “Lean” methods of “value-added” and “non-value-added” analysis leading to visual control. Techniques that they can apply to their personal life, student activities and in the future. They learn the most frequently used tools and techniques in LEAN process improvement.


The next step in the certification journey that instills a “data-driven, common-sense” approach to problem-solving. Using the DMAIC “Kata” the student certifies by showing they know and apply problem Definition, Measurement, statistical Analysis, effective Improvement and lasting Control to the improvement challenges. This certification level is of highest demand by industry.



Students will learn in an in-person classroom environment led by Cii trained instructors. These classes are supported by e-learning and video-based solutions, group activities, and assignments. They will also be assigned a project they need to complete to asses knowledge and complete certification.

Beyond the in-person classroom environment, students will receive outside mentoring from professionals within the community which will allow them to apply the tools they are learning throughout the training.


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To prepare and practice for the certification exam, the Cii has developed practice exams that allow students to assess their knowledge of the material they have been trained on. They will also have the support and mentorship of specialists as well as study groups which gives students the peace of mind that they will be supported throughout each phase of the certification process.


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by their high-school graduation, Students who complete all certifications will have a resume ready for the workplace