Business Leaders can sleep easier knowing that their organization’s issues are being addressed with the most effective toolset.


Effectiveness is all about how we do it

Our passion and vision is to make meaningful and significant positive differences in the lives of individuals and the performance of organizations.  This results in a more competitive, nimble and flexible organization that can compete in the 21st century marketplace accomplished by: reducing cost, increasing profits and performance, leaving sustainable and lasting results, and setting the stage for continuous and adaptable process improvement.


Using time tested tools and methods, the Cii has taken process improvement in to the 21st century by using the experience of its experts to bring a totally new perspective to problem-solving with its “Solution-based” strategy. 

Recognizing the weaknesses of 20th Century Process Improvement methodologies, our founder created DMADD, Define-Measure-Analyze-Develop-Deliver, a unique Process Improvement discipline designed to address modern day challenges.  It is a solution-based method that delivers quicker return on investment (ROI) with lower risk and proven results. 


  • Customized training to meet your specific needs

  • Meets and exceeds ASQ program requirements

  • MBB certified instructors

  • Consistent results: ROI 10:1 or more!

  • Projects with focus, immediate impact and lasting results

  • Practical Results focused training of certified personnel

  • Fortune 100 experience and success


TRAINING & consulting

Rather than blindly jumping in to a project, the Cii begins with an organizational assessment to confirm the issues and prioritize the efforts. This helps reduce the risk of failure and focuses on the right things at the right time.

healthcare compliance

Your first and highest concern is your patients.The Cii will help you take that to a higher level of performance and patient safety compliance by doing the things that we do best which includes management and six sigma training, project leadership, coaching and mentoring, measurement development and maintenance.


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