Certification Exam Requirements

Our commitment to the students and the schools who offer our program, is to provide certification training and examinations that are respected and valued in today’s business arena. We do this by applying the pillars that define the Cii approach to teaching and testing: Integrity, Insight, Innovation, Application, Expertise, and Delivery.

Certification Exam Control

The Certification exams are administered within the classroom by a proctor assigned by the school, independent of the instructor, following school test protocol and ensuring that the appropriate individual is taking the exam.


Cii requires that schools provide students with an appropriate environment for testing and for proper monitoring and supervision of proctors during the examination process. It must be taken at an assigned classroom workstation.

The exam is presented to the participant online, with a lockdown browser to ensure that students cannot open reference browsers during the exam.

They are required to pass with a score of 70% or greater and are allowed three (3) attempts within a 20 day grace period in between them.

Cii certification is a two-part, process that requires the delivery of a project and successful performance on an exam. Passing the exam validates that the student has grasped an academic understanding of the critical concepts of the methodology, its relation to scientific method and the critical tools related to each phase of the DMAIC discipline.

To ensure the integrity of the certification, the same questions are used in each exam.  The questions of each test are individually randomized to reduce/eliminate sharing answers via patterns.  The following are the number of possible question order variations of the complete test simply to indicate the chances of two students having the same question order:

  • White Belt and Yellow Belt Exams (50 questions) = (3.04140932 E+64) X 2

  • Green Belt Exam (100 questions) = (9.332621544 E+157) X 2


View some exam sample questions

Exams are automatically scored at completion and the participant receives the score immediately and the score is automatically recorded for that participant.  Exam attempts follow the waiting period requirement.

For more detail related to the exam focus for each certification level, see certification overview.