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In January 2015, the Joint Commission released its latest revisions to their compliance standards.  One area of focus now includes the need for the healthcare facility to have a “robust” process improvement program.

Although not specifically identified, the details of the requirements point directly to to elements contained within a Six Sigma program.  The Cii has successfully assisted hospitals in instilling a Six Sigma based, continuous improvement program into their organizational fabric, supporting their compliance with TJC’s patient safety requirements.

Your first and highest concern is your patients.  The Cii will help you take that to a higher level of performance and patient safety compliance by doing the things that we do best which includes management and six sigma training, project leadership, coaching and mentoring, measurement development and maintenance.  This helps remove a distraction created by the burden of compliance and allows you to focus on what you do best. 


Compliance checklist

We have created an “easy to use” checklist that you can use to assess your current compliance status.

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