Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Overview

A follow-on from the fundamental concepts of White Belt, focusing on the concepts, techniques, strategies and tools used to improve process efficiency, wasted efforts and resources leading to cost reduction. The course content and assignments review the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) steps and deliverables in relation to the Toyota “Lean” methodology. With a focus on visual control and Non-value analysis, the participant learns to reduce wasted effort and materials.


As with the White Belt course, the students directly apply the tools and principles to a personal project. This class helps the students to work smarter and look at ways to solve processing issues in the corporate world


The objective of this certification is to teach students the tools to:

  1. Support projects that are focused on improving operational efficiencies by reducing “waste” and costs using basic “Lean” management techniques

  2. Assist Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts in data collection and analysis and process mapping

  3. Implement Lean Enterprise tools, techniques and practices to achieve cost reduction and operational efficiencies.

Once the students acquire the Yellow Belt Certification, they can move on to the Green Belt Certification